Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We Survived the First Day

We survived Day 1 with Daddy gone. We were actually pretty busy. We stayed home in the morning and then went to lunch with family that is in town from Maryland. We took them to one of the outdoor malls in Richmond for the afternoon. The children were able to ride the train around the mall and stick their hands in every fountain. I was exhausted from pushing the double stroller around all day. We ended the evening with a meal at Cheesecake Factory – thanks Granny! It was yummy! We ended up at home around 7:30 so the kids got a quick bath and went to bed exhausted. They all slept in this morning which was great! Now only 4 more days to go! My prayer is that I will be patient and loving as the days progress!


Amy said...

Hooray! Keeping busy sure does help the time go by. I always try to plan some fun activities to keep us occupied and distracted.

Claire Weaver said...

Hi Jenn,

I understand how hard it is when daddy is out of town. John is having to travel a lot these days. I miss the help and the company.