Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Ellerie!

Another birthday to celebrate around here! I was actually blogging some when Ellerie was born and her birth story is here. (I just re-read that myself and I am so glad I wrote that down. I need to do that with all of the kids before I forget everything!)

It is neat to have Ellerie and Coleman have a birthday so close together. They have had their parties together the last couple of years and that has been a special experience, not to mention it makes it easier on me!

Ellerie entered our lives 3 years ago and we have all been charmed by her ever since! She is so sweet and tender, but she also has a stubborn streak (I'll let you guess where she gets that from), which she usually reserves just for us. She loves to be silly and make us laugh. She loves to play with her babies and her stuffed animals.

We pray God continues to keep her heart tender towards him and that we would be faithful to teach her about His ways!

Just a few months old...

Curls already....

December 2007 - Which one is the real baby doll?

April 2008 - First birthday

Summer 2008

Fall 2008

December 2008

March 2009 - Her turn to be a big sister - and she loves that role!

April 2009 - Ellerie turns 2!

Summer 2009

November 2009

March 2010 - a sweet one of her laughing!

March 2010 - she's sneaking her hand in PawPaw's coat for a tootsie roll...

March 2010

And now she's 3! Oh my! I just can't believe it. Where does the time go? Lord, help us be faithful in pointing her towards you!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Coleman!

(Forgive me as I stroll down memory lane...) Nine years ago today ... our lives changed forever ... we became parents! Little did we know the journey God had in store for us. I never knew I would be so tired!! But I do remember just crying when I would rock little Coleman to sleep (because he was my first and I actually had time to do that) and cry just because I was so thankful that God had given us this sweet blessing!

And it's been wonderful ... and it's been hard. Having children revealed to me just how selfish my sinful heart was (and still is). It has been a sanctifying process for me in many ways. And poor Coleman - he was first and we had no idea what we were doing in so many ways! We continually pray that God's grace protects him from our mistakes! ;)

He has grown into such a sweet and compassionate young man. He loves his little brothers and sisters fiercely! He has a heart for God and His Word. We just pray that the Lord continually speaks to his heart and draws Coleman to Himself in a saving way. I pray for God's grace to continue to sustain as we seek to navigate the next 9 years!

3 months old

6 months old (and Daddy still had hair)

His first birthday and that sweet crooked smile he always did at that age!

Welcoming his first baby sister, Emmie!

His 2nd birthday!

December 2003

His 3rd birthday cake - couldn't find a digital pic of him though!

Welcoming baby brother Calvin!

Coleman turns 4.

Coleman pretending he is in the Larry Mobile... such a creative mind!

5th Birthday - with a Thomas cake!

September 2006 - First day of Kindergarten!

April 2007 - turning 6

April 2007 - welcoming baby sister Ellerie, one day after his birthday!

September 2007 - First Grade

April 2008 - 7 years old!

September 2008 - Second Grade

March 2009 - welcoming the newest blessing - sweet Carter!

April 2009 - Coleman turns 8!!

Rocking sweet Carter to sleep - such a good big brother!

Birthday 2010 - finally a bike that fits him!

April 2010! Big Boy turns 9!! Lord, use him for your glory!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sweet Birthday...

For my birthday last week, sweet Emmie wanted to decorate my cake. So Granny helped her make and decorate my cake.

The proud baker ... has such a sweet heart!

A few of my gifts ... my family took me out to dinner so I didn't have to cook! It was a special day! Thanks everyone!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

Thankful for the cross!
Thankful for my sweet family!