Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm Back...


Yes, this poor blog has been neglected lately. It has been busy and I have had many topics swirling around in my head but haven’t yet written them down. I will try to do better.

One of the fun things of pregnancy that has been going on lately is … leg cramps. I have gotten these awful things in the third trimester of every pregnancy. So of course, this time is no different.

About 2 weeks ago, I woke up as Brian was getting ready to leave for work with a horrible leg cramp in my calf. The kind where it feels like someone is cutting it open with a knife. So I hear Brian still in the kitchen and I start beating (as quietly as possible so not to wake the children) on the wall and screaming (as quietly as possible) for him to come. Immediately he knows what is going on.

He comes in and starts stretching my leg like the football trainers do on the field. All the while, he’s telling me to get up to go get some water and that I need to walk. Ummmm – yeah – I know, I just can’t move because of the pain (not to mention I am pulling worn-out stomach muscles, well muscles might be too strong a word, as I try to get out of the bed)! So it takes a good 5-10 minutes for me to get to the point where I can finally get out of bed!

I make it to drink some water and eat a banana – but my leg is so worn out that it is sore for 3 days after that! Yikes. I had one more night where they were threatening to come but we were able to work them out pretty fast. I know, I know – drink water, eat bananas, stretch, etc. Trust me, I am doing all of that – and hopefully I won’t experience too many more of these the next 2 months!!

See aren’t you glad I filled you in with what’s going on?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Brian!

34 Things… (since you’re 34 years old)

1. I love how you truly desire to please the LORD.

2. I love how your favorite number seems to be 17.

3. I love to go to bed with you each night.

4. I love to hug you.

5. I love how you smell (most of the time)! :)

6. I am thankful for the joy you take in caring for our kids.

7. I am thankful that you truly enjoy bathing the children!

8. I am fascinated by the patience you have with me.

9. I am grateful for the mercy you continually extend to me.

10. I hope to be more like you in how I love others.

11. I am thankful for your family.

12. I love to watch you play with the kids.

13. I love watching you hold our newborn babies.

14. I appreciate how you serve us in those days after we bring home a new baby.

15. I like to spend time with you, just hanging out.

16. You’re my most favorite person.

17. I am in awe of your humility.

18. I am thankful for your model of godliness, especially in hard church situations this past year.

19. I love to listen to you play guitar.

20. I love for you to lead in worship. (and I miss that now)

21. You’re one of my favorite preachers (right up there with John Piper)! :)

22. I love your passion for right doctrine.

23. I am a bit jealous of your easy-going spirit.

24. I am thankful that you always point me to the Truth.

25. I am grateful for the support you give me as I develop strong, godly friendships with some girlfriends.

26. I am glad to know you would fight to protect us if an intruder came into our home at night! J

27. I love to laugh with you at night when my ‘talking’ in my sleep wakes us both up.

28. I am thankful that you enjoy being with my side of the family.

29. I love to hear you pray for our children.

30. I love to hear you pray for me.

31. I enjoy looking back on memories with you.

32. I like to read your blog posts (although some make my head hurt so I can’t read them late at night)!

33. I love how you make me laugh.

34. I pray for at least 34 more birthdays to celebrate together!