Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Gate

This morning I listened to a sermon by Paul Washer for the second time. I was challenged as I thought about “American Christianity”. Many Americans say they are Christians, but their lives don’t show it. I’m not being judgmental. After being saved by Christ, a Christian should be different. Holy living is not about legalism, it’s about the evidence of a saving encounter with Christ. I was reminded this morning that narrow is the gate, but the path is narrow as well. That means that we are going to be different than the world. Many people may look at us and think we’re crazy for some of the decisions we make on how we live, but that’s alright. I pray that we are different and that the decisions we make will honor Christ and not the world. Check out this sermon and be challenged!


Amy said...

I need to go back and listen to that sermon a second time myself :) There are many things happening in North American christianity right now that I find very disturbing.

Christina said...

Hi Jenn, I found your blog through Laurie's blog. I am new to the blog world too, and just figured out how to do the linking thing. It wasn't that hard (once my kind husband helped me out!) It helps to have two windows open so you can switch back and forth.

1. Highlight the http address you want to link to. Copy by clicking Control C.

2.Highlight the word in your blog that you want to be your link.

3. Click on the icon that looks like a world with a little chain on it. I think it's called "hyperlink".

3. Paste your address by clicking Control V.

4. Link and your done!

Thanks for the link to the sermon. It looks thought provoking.


Jenn said...


Nice to meet you. Thanks SO MUCH for telling about the hyperlinks thing. I am going to try it soon. You should work for blogger - you made it sound so simple!