Monday, July 24, 2006

TGIF (at least it will be in 4 days)!

My husband is on his first (and hopefully last) 5-day business trip. He has never had to travel with work before now. He took a 1-night trip last month in preparation for this trip. So, we are in for an interesting week around here. Daddy is a very involved in the daily life of our home. He plays with the children while I finish supper and get it on the table. He spends time with them after dinner, does bath time and helps get them to bed. I am so thankful for how involved he is as a Daddy. I will miss him this week and the kids will too. He has left a little gift for me to give them each day. They are looking forward to that but they don’t understand the time-span of a week. I told them we are going to go to the airport on Friday to get him. They have informed me that they want to go to the airport tomorrow to get him. I said that we have to wait until Friday. “But Mommy, tomorrow IS Friday!” I wish it were!

In thinking about Brian being gone, I was reminded of a post I read last week. I have a feeling I will miss Brian because of how much a “help” he is to me. Now, I do think Dad’s should help when they can, especially when the children are small. I am thankful for how he “helps” me but I don’t need to demand that from him. My biblical role is to be a “helpmate” to him. My prayer is that I will focus on how I can serve my husband and “help” him. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that when everyone else in our home needs help with almost everything during the day. I want to be intentional about serving my husband in practical ways that encourage him in the ministries God has given him. So, Brian, get home soon so I can serve you! (Stop laughing, I’m serious!)


Kelly said...

I will pray for you! It is hard to adjust when you are used to having help. I am so thankful for Jason and can too take for granted that I am his helper in life. Good word, sister!

Amy said...

My husband has to travel several times a year. We just got through a month where he was gone for a few days every week. Thank goodness that isn't the norm! I never do get used to him going away :( We have a similar set-up to your family - he helps entertain the kids when he comes home and helps with bedtime preparations. I find the hardest time is after 5:00pm, when he's normally home.

The good part is that everyone appreciates him so much when he does come home! It's like a big celebration.

Christina said...

Thanks for looking up how to delete comments. It worked! Thank you also for the reminder about serving my husband. Even though I read the same post you did I had already forgot. I will pray for you too. My friend Jessica blogged about her experience with her husband being gone for the week. You may want to look that up for some encouragement. You can get to her blog under Laurie's links to other blogs she reads.

brian said...

Hey baby,

I'm sitting in the lobby of the hotel using their office computer to leave you a little note to tell you how much I love you and how much I miss you. What a blessing to come home to you everyday. To know that you will always be there, to have someone I can count on every single day. Someone who's heart I see changing constantly by the grace of the Spirit of Christ...changing into a godly mother and wife. I'm so glad we have this family and it is such a blessing to be able to look forward to Friday and to have this wonderful gift of a wife and family to be able to come home to...I am in awe during these times when I am away from you and I must count my blessings to know that we have a home and three beautiful kids and this life in Christ. I wish I were there with you right now playing and sharing time together. You are home to me. I love you and I'm praying for you and the children.


Jenn said...


You are home to me too. I love you!

Anonymous said...

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