Friday, May 23, 2008

Girls Night In

Great minds think alike...

(just in case you didn't know, that's Kim from Mercy Days - and that is not the best picture of me but since we only took one, we'll have to go with it - and this is too funny not to post - and no, we didn't plan it)!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Why did I decide to steam my carpet the same week I am trying to pack up for a beach vacation?

Probably the same reason I decided yesterday, right before nap time, to take all 4 kids to Wal-Mart and return a few small items...

I'm crazy!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekend Fun

Last weekend we wrapped up the soccer season...

...and the dance/gymnastics year...

Coleman and Ellerie watching big sister...

Calvin was amazed ...

Emmie and her friend Gracie

... now we are getting ready for a vacation ... at the beach. We haven't been to the beach in 10 years and this will be a first for our kids. We are all excited and I am looking forward to it!

So the blog will probably be quiet for the next week or so, depending on computer access...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Excellent Wife

Leslie has been hosting a book study of The Excellent Wife. Each week she does a summary of a chapter and others who have been reading the book can write their own thoughts and link to Leslie's post at her site. I have been trying to read along with everyone (although at times I get a bit behind). Here is a little post about what I learned last week ...

Last weekend we headed to DC to take my niece to meet her Mom (we had kept her for a few days). April was a crazy month - we all had strep and then the girls and I got it a second time, Brian traveled alot (which he never has to do), etc. So I was ready for just a few minutes of down time in the van and I had my book, The Excellent Wife, in my bag to read on the way there and back.

As we were getting ready to leave, I may have been a little snappy. (Snappy is a relative term, right?) We get in the van, and Brian asks me to not be so snappy with him. (He did ask me that nicely but I would have preferred to have heard something like, 'honey, why are you snappy, has it been a rough week or month for you? I'm so sorry, what can I do to help make it better?') So then I got a little angry and then we began to argue, all because I was snappy and couldn't just say 'sorry'. I then proceeded to say that I HAD BEEN PLANNING to read my book about being an "excellent wife" but that I wasn't going to read it now because I didn't think he deserved to have an "excellent wife" at that time!

So this is where we see that at times I can still act like a 12-year old! I mean, really! This, along with many other examples, reminds of the grace I need daily. I need to extend grace to my husband and live in that same grace. Needless to say, my actions showed me how much I needed to read the book and focus on serving Christ through my marriage.

I am thankful for a patient and gracious husband...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

All I Needed Was a Little Butter...

If you want to know more about me and the things that I do, here's a story that my husband would call 'classic Jenn'.

Today I was working on a cake for a baby shower tomorrow evening. I was about to make some of my buttercream icing and I didn't have any real butter. (And let's face it, buttercream icing just isn't the same without butter!)

So, I grabbed all 4 kids and got everyone loaded into the car. We ran to Kroger since we only needed a few items (I knew better than to head to WalMart). We found one of those buggies that has a car on the front so the boys were thrilled. Since everyone was behaving so nicely, I decided to pick up a few extra items so I didn't have to venture out later this evening.

We headed to the checkout - almost done and ready to get home. As the lady is scanning the groceries, I start looking in my purse for my check card ... and I keep looking ... and looking ... and looking. You all know the feeling I'm sure. I started to sweat a little and thought, "I just need the butter to do the icing." But I had no cash, no extra checks, nothing. I told the lady my predicament and asked if I could run home to get the money and come right back.

As we are walking out to the car, to load up again, I started thinking about a sermon I had listened to by CJ Mahaney at the Together for the Gospel conference. He had shared a story about how he had gotten to his hotel at the conference and his room card wouldn't work. He really didn't have time for that but realized that God is sovereign even over these little things that happen every day. It's all about how we handle these little things ... so I tried to shrug it all off and just go with the flow (which goes against my nature, just so you know).

As we were loading up, I checked the floorboard of the car just to make sure my check card didn't fall out of my purse or something, but I didn't see it. So we ran home (with the big kids asking me the entire way about 'why would leave all your money at home?') I ran inside and I didn't see my check card anywhere so I grabbed the credit card.

Back to get the groceries, we all unloaded again and paid for the groceries. This time as we loaded up, I began to get a little concerned about my check card and what I did with it. I knew I had used it the day before on the way home from somewhere so I leaned over to check the floorboard one more time ... and guess what I saw? Yep!

All I needed was a little butter...

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


The Body, joined together by the blood of Christ, is called to be focused on the unity of the Gospel. But so often, we get sidetracked … and we end up hurting one another. I know that in our family we make decisions daily (big ones and little ones), based on our faith and our desire to honor God with our lives. But those decisions may play out differently for various families. (Now I am not talking about moral relativism here but I am talking about the fact that the Bible tells all parents to instruct and discipline their children but how parents actually carry out that instruction and discipline may differ from one another. Know what I mean?)

It can get a little tricky when I assume that MY way is the ONLY way. For example, let’s just use the hot-button issue of today, homeschooling. We have decided to homeschool our children. But in that decision, are we saying that homeschooling is the ONLY way to educate or that those who don’t homeschool are wrong or ‘in sin’? I hope that isn’t what our family is communicating though what we say and how we act.

I know families who send their children to public school and families who send their children to private school – and I know that these parents love their children and are seeking to honor God with their lives. But I also see that all of the ‘education camps’ often make assumptions about the other ‘camps.’ This issue is one that is causing division among believers in many churches today. It’s so sad because we are all united by the Gospel and we should be focused on that. We ought to be coming together to serve one another, and our communities, while spreading the Gospel for His glory.

Josh Harris posted a video clip on his blog this past Sunday which is so right-on! He says that “it’s not an education issue, it’s a Gospel issue … there’s only one camp that we’re a part of and that’s the ‘saved by grace’ camp.” Take the time to listen to this clip and be challenged to promote unity among the families you know.