Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rest Time

It’s taken me a while to post since I am having trouble logging on to my start page with our filter. I know all of you reading this blog (all 3 of you) are waiting for me to update you on my life. So, here goes.

Last week, being the kind of wife that I am, I decided to help out my husband. We had gotten behind on the yard because of all the rain we had that week. I decided to run outside during naptime and mow the back and side yards so there wouldn’t be much to do when he got home. Our oldest (and most responsible) was playing with his trains in the playroom. I told him to step out on the deck if he needed me. Our middle girl was resting in her room and the baby (well, the ‘baby’ will be 2 in a couple of weeks, guess I should say ‘toddler’ now) was taking a nap. So, I was good to go.

Did I mention that it was 95 degrees outside and the humidity was around 200%? I decided to come inside after about 40 minutes so I wouldn't pass out on the ground from heat exhaustion. As I did, I saw the oven smoking and immediately remembered the cookies that I had put in there before I decided to cut the grass! Then my oldest comes in the kitchen crying. My first thought was that he had tried to rescue his beloved chocolate chip cookies from the smoking oven. As I look at his hands, they aren’t burned, but his thumbnail is black. He told me he had slammed it in his bedroom door. Poor thing. I tried to comfort him and then I got the charcoaled cookies out of the oven, which had turned to ash. Alright. What else can happen?

Well, I go to get the baby out of his crib for snack time, and he had started playing in his dirty diaper again. (See post below about The Process of Sanctification). Could all of this really happen in such a short period of time? I just have to laugh - what else can I do? I’m just thankful that the kitchen didn’t catch on fire!


Amy said...

LOL!!! Oh my! This sort of scenario is *all to familiar* to me. Isn't it amazing how with a few little children one thing after another can go wrong, on and on..........I haven't had a day like that in a while, thank goodness :)

My little daughter developed a love of "painting" in her crib during nap time which earned her the nickname "poop princess". It was very trying :)

Kelly said...

I can so relate! My oldest two managed to take all the cushions off the playroom couch, mark on it with markers(which they know is a no-no), get the bandaids out of the linen closet and play with them, dump out all the crayons,and were hiding under their table in eating M&M's left over from potty training(also from linen closet). All of this happened in 20 minutes while I was nursing the baby! At least they wrote in washable markers!