Friday, April 04, 2008

Race Day

Well, tomorrow is the BIG race day. The weather is looking like it might rain, but I actually love to run in the rain. But if it rains, the kids will be staying home and not meeting us at the finish! :(

Brian has been saying all along that he wants to stay with me during the race, but I really want him to run his own race and beat his time from last year. Plus if he stays with me, I may feel pressure to run his faster pace and might pass out by mile 3 or 4. So I have been begging him to run his faster race and I'll just bring up the rear! (We'll see what he does but I know deep down he'd love to beat his time from last year, who wouldn't?)

I am excited about tomorrow and a little nervous. I am glad we ran 6 miles 2 weeks ago so I know mentally that I can actually run 6 miles so I am not too nervous about that. I am a little nervous about doing something crazy like bumping into someone and falling down, or making someone else fall down, or needing to spit (I've had some sinus drainage this week, I know - too much info) but the race etiquette says you can spit (or throw up?) during the race, just move to the side before you do so. But what if I accidentally spit on someone? Anyway ... I'll try to keep it all together.

I'll let you know how it goes!


Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a great race!!

Wendy said...

How exciting! I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes. Look at your miles for 2008 - you are doing awesome, especially with being a mother of 4 and running a busy house.

You could always put some kleenex in your pocket in case you need to spit, but can't because too many people are by you?!

Kelly said...

Run, Jenn, Run!!!

Claire said...

I am so proud of you. Can't wait to hear how it goes.