Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Conference Update

I talked with Brian tonight and he was giddy with excitement about his day. Many of you who know us know that one of Brian's modern-day heroes is John Piper (along with many other young, Reformed men I'm sure). Some people jokingly refer to Brian as one of John Piper's disciples ... well, that is a bit extreme ... but you get the idea.

He shared with me tonight that he saw John Piper as he was getting on the escalator. He was right behind him and decided to say something...

Brian: John Piper! Thank God for you!

(They then shake hands).

Brian: Me shaking your hand is like you shaking the hand of Jonathan Edwards.

John Piper: I'd probably pass out...

Brian: Exactly!

I am happy to say that Brian didn't pass out and embarrass himself ... but let's just say that was icing on the cake!


April said...

What a refreshing time it will be for him. I am sure it will be refreshing for you too.... when he gets back and shares truths he's learned with you. How wonderful for you both. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!