Saturday, April 05, 2008

And We're Done!

Not the most attractive picture but black and white made it look a little bit better. I had on no makeup except mascara and we were running a little behind schedule. And we only took 1 picture ... so there you have it. They took professional ones at the race, but no telling what those will look like since it was misty and raining most of the time.

Well, I met both of my goals. I ran the entire race without stopping and my time was under 1:10. I had 1:07:44 so we'll round down and go with 1:07. That actually put me at a 10:53 mile pace, which is under 11 minutes, even though just barely. They posted other interesting facts on the internet about the racers. I was in about the 12,400th place, which isn't too bad when around 30,000 were in it. That means I did better than 50 % of the people right? It's all about perspective!

Brian did really good and made it in under an hour, around 58 minutes. He was around the 7,500th place or something. It was a fun morning. The weather was misty and raining but I love to run in the rain and that made it much cooler, which is a good thing!

Here's what the winner of the race, Abdi Abdirahman, had to say about the race, “I like this course,” said Abdi. “It’s a flat course, very fast. I’d like to come back and race it again.”

I'd just like to say to Abdi - the course IS flat but it's not the course that's fast - it's YOU that's fast!

The worst part of the day was using the Porta Potty before the race. Do you know you can't flush those things? Eeeew! I think that was my first Porta Potty. Ugh. But I needed to go before I ran since it took us about 30 minutes to get to downtown for the race because I didn't want to experience the Mommy bladder during the race (see the post about the race on November 16).

Brian stayed with me for a bit then headed on to the finish. I was proud of myself as I passed a few people, I mean, who cares if they were 90-year old ladies with walkers? I passed them. And then these little boys that looked like they were 10-years old were passing me! Oh well, pride can be humbled so easily, right?

At least I didn't fall and become the Mary Decker of Chester! (That's for you Lurker!)

Thank you guys for all of your encouragement! Now I am going to rest on the couch and possibly indulge in some birthday cake!


Wendy said...

Great Job! That is awesome and how special to share that experience w/your husband. :)

Kelly said...

I am impressed! I ran 2 miles yesterday and thought my lung was going to collapse!
Great Job!

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Kelly said...


Mommy bladder cracked me up--I so relate.