Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Gospel

This week Brian has the incredible opportunity to participate in the Together for the Gospel conference. Although it is hard for Daddy to be away for several days, especially after last week, I am so thankful that he has been blessed with this privilege. My prayer is that he will be encouraged and refreshed and challenged through the preaching of the Word!

Laurie wrote a post about those of us who are "Apart for the Gospel" this week and I have been encouraged by her words. During this past year God has revealed to me the importance of serving Brian by freeing him up for ministry and doing what I can to support his calling. So I can joyfully handle the baths, the dosing of medicine, the discipline and everything else that comes up so that Brian can experience the 'Togetherness' of all those who have come together to share in the glory of the Gospel. I know that the impact of this week will be felt not only by us, but by those we minister to each week.

Looking forward to hearing all about it ...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. I'm glad my little post encouraged you. What you are doing to release your husband with four little ones is such evidence of power grace of God at work in your life! Thanks for your example.