Monday, December 03, 2007

The Kingdom of God

Here is an excerpt from Brian's sermon yesterday...

Our God reigns. That is the proclamation of the people of God in the kingdom of God. Listen to what Rev. Burk Parsons, the editor of Tabletalk magazine, writes about the kingdom of God: “…the kingdom of God should be more simple to define than just about any other theological term. It’s quite plain really: God reigns. Or, to say it another way: The kingdom of God is the omnipotent rule and sovereign reign of Almighty God over all things, the inauguration of which came with the birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ Jesus and the fullness of which is yet to come. Nevertheless, while it is important to have a good, biblical answer to the question, what is the kingdom of God? It is just as important to have an honest answer to the question, whose kingdom do you serve? Are you the king of your own kingdom? Are you the self-appointed potentate of your own, private little empire? You may answer with a hearty no, but does your life demonstrate that you are a servant of God or a servant of self? We all certainly want to be part of the kingdom, but most Christians want to serve the kingdom on their own terms.”

What great questions to ask ourselves during this season. It is one thing to celebrate the coming of King Jesus as the baby in Bethlehem. It is something altogether more important to live every waking moment for King Jesus. What is the implication of his rule and his reign upon your life? What are your decisions like? Do they look just like the rest of the world? Are you any different today because of Christ’s dominion over all reality?

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5honeybunns said...

That was very powerful and moved me in a big way!