Saturday, December 22, 2007

Barber Christmas

Last weekend we were able to get together with the Barber side of the family for Christmas. Brian's brother and his family came in town to join the rest of us (Brian's parents and Brian's sister and family live in-town). This was our first attempt at a family picture and it was a pretty painless process!
The Barbers (Sr), The Brian Barbers, The Jason Barbers, and The Shawn Bransons

PawPaw and Ellerie

Calvin got his first guitar - looks just like his Daddy!

Coleman is playing with his new Leapster (the Cars game of course).

Lincoln Logs (Hours of fun .... and hours of clean-up)

Emmie has a pram for her bitty babies...such a little Momma...

And Daddy has an Ipod!

It was fun for us to be together! It was busy and loud with 10 grandbabies but we all had a wonderful time. Later that afternoon all of the girls went to watch the Nutcracker together while all the boys went to their respective homes to put together all of the new toys! I don't have any pictures from the Nutcracker yet...


Christina said...

I'm glad you had such fun. And a painless family picture! Can't wait to see the Nutcracker pictures.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a for real guitar!