Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Tenth Anniversary

This is our wedding picture from 1997. I guess over the years we've gained a few pounds and some of 'us' (not to be too obvious), have lost a few hairs... we've gained several children ... and lost some more hair...

The Bride

The Groom

The Ceremony

The Cake (Brian's Mom made it!)

The Car!

Looking through all of these old pictures (and I made the kids watch the wedding video with me today) brings back so many good memories! I can't believe it's been 10 years! I won't be sappy here on the blog ... but I am so blessed! Brian is an incredible husband and father and I often don't know how he puts up with me ... except by God's grace. I am thankful that he exhibits such grace in his life and in our marriage - I hope to be like him someday. I am thankful to walk alongside him in this journey ... I wouldn't want to live life with anyone else! I love you Brian and I look forward to many more decades!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys were a couple of hotties. LOL! You don't look too shabby 10 years later, either. Thanks for sharing so many pictures. Happy Anniversary!!!

April said...

Happy Anniversary!

Christina said...

Happy Anniversary! I love seeing your wedding pictures. Thanks for sharing. I hope you had a wonderful day.

Kelly said...

That was fun! I still remember being with you guys on your day! Can you believe it has been 10 years??

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Your pictures are great! You have not changed that much at all! I pray you 2 have many more years together enjoying the blessings of marriage!

Wendy said...

Happy Anniversary, hope you have many more years together.

Great pictures!

Tracy said...

Happy Anniversary. Your kids are so cute! Isn't Christmas so fun with kids? My son got that Mac Truck for his birthday in October and STILL is playing with it often. Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary! What a precious family;)

We are blessed to call you guys friends!

Kelly said...

Congratulations! May God continue to richly blessing your marriage!

5honeybunns said...

Congratulations and happy anniversary! Wow, how time flys by. You guys are like a fine wine, better with age.

robin said...

Brian & Jenn -
Congratulations on the big 10 year!
We will always remember our trip to Valdosta with little Miss Molly. We're proud of you guys and the accomplishments you have made.
Beau & Robin
P.S. Beau says that is a VERY CLEAN car you are driving away in!!!