Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just a Few Minutes Makes a Big Difference...

Summer has been so much fun but so very busy. The craziness of being busy these past few months spilled over into my marriage. Although Brian and I were together a lot with the family, we weren't intentional with much of that time.

A few weeks ago, we started trying to take a few minutes each night (well, at least most nights) and chat together. We talk about what's going on that week and how to pray for each other. It has been so good - when we do it. Hopefully we will continue to be disciplined in this.

One of the other things we have been doing during some of these chats is talking about the questions listed here. Ideally, you discuss these over a date night, but our last date night was spent painting the kids bedrooms, so we are taking it just a few questions at a time. It's not that our marriage is bad but we know it can be better. It has been so encouraging to talk to one another about our marriage and how God can help us make it so much better - for His glory!

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