Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Coupon Learning..

Back in March, I decided to learn more about coupons. I would set a budget each month for groceries but I would always seemed to go over that limit! I needed to do something to help out our budget so I spent some time researching coupons.

The first couple of months I stayed on target with my budget. I was a little disappointed but then I remembered how much I had been going over each month - so this was a small start in savings.

This past month of August was the best month so far in this coupon venture. I tried to be diligent and intentional in my grocery spending and I actually came in $150 under budget!! Couponing does take time and research but they pay-off is totally worth it!

When I decided to start doing coupons, I knew I needed to spend time learning about the whole process. So I spent a couple of months reading other blogs and websites. Here are a few of my favorites:

Mommy Snacks - Her site has great strategies for savings and walks you through step-by-step in how to get started.

Mojo Savings - This site updates all the time with great deals.

Money Saving Mom - Great ideas about savings and living frugally.

There are several more sites I use that I will try and list later. It's easy to get started and to start trimming you budget!


Me said...

I'm paying close attention to you during this coupon adventure. I had surgery shortly after giving birth to Gretchen and my body went into shock, so I was no longer able to breast feed. Adding $120+/mo for formula to our grocery bill that was already over budget has been killer. Hopefully, I'll learn something through all your efforts!

Sophia said...

Thank you for all these posts. I have been doing the same thing, but having a "hit and miss" success. Last month I managed to save $170, but so far this month, I have only really saved $25. I spent hours clipping coupons and circling competitor's ads and went to Walmart only to discover that most of their Great Value brand was cheaper than name brand even with a coupon. But, praise God it is still a savings.

Love you guys