Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back to School

Where has the time gone? I don't know but the calendar tells me that summer has ended ... that's fine because my favorite season is fall but I will have to say I am going to miss summer. We had a summer full of fun with friends and family. We went to the pool all the time, rode bikes and ate ice cream cones (although not at the same time), saw free movies, visited with family, and so much more. It wasn't as slow (or relaxing) as I would have liked but we still made so many special memories.

So ...time moves on and we have said 'goodbye' to the summer of 2010! We have jumped into school and our fall activities with both feet. The days are starting earlier and they seem to be lasting longer - but I find that it is such a 'good' busy.

I have been looking forward to school this year with the kids. Coleman is 4th grade already! Emmie is right behind him in 3rd and Calvin is in Kindergarten. Ellerie loves to do school with Calvin while also trying to mother Carter all day long. And Carter - well he just tears up the house every time I turn around - but at least he's cute!

So ... goodbye summer and hello fall!

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