Saturday, November 03, 2007

Fall Festival

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to go with PawPaw and Granny to the Fall Festival at their church. We waited until the last minute to decide so we found a firman's coat and went with the dress-up items we had at the house for everyone else. Here are all 4 of the kids together.
What's up with that eyepatch?

Hey - it's Captain Feathersword .. with the eyepatch still in the middle of his face!

Here is fireman Coleman.

Sweet Ellerie is a little cow. Bless her heart - this is the expression she had on her face all night. She had gotten her 6-month shots earlier in the day and she just didn't seem to feel good. Poor baby! But she's cute though!

Emmie wanted to be Belle. (like she does every other day of the week)

Here is PawPaw with Belle and Captain Feathersword.

Here is Coleman getting ready to slide...

Coleman, how did you get upside down? Kind of looks like Emmie may have pushed you a little!

Alright Emmie ... be careful. Remember you're a princess and you have a dress on...


After the Fall Festival, Granny wanted to take the bigger kids to a few of her neighbors homes. Here is a picture of us at one of the houses. Oh how I wish the camera was clicking just a few seconds later. You see, my 2 oldest are scared-to-death of dogs. I mean, petrified! And Calvin - well he loves dogs so much and hugs on them so tightly that most dogs are scared of him. Soooo, all the way up this driveway, Coleman and Emmie kept asking, "is there a dog here, are you sure?" We reassured them that there wasn't. Well, 2 seconds after this picture was snapped, everything changed! The door opened and we were greeted by a very excitable dog. So Calvin is trying to go inside and get the dog, while Emmie leaps off of the stairs onto Granny (who is holding the camera) and grips her legs and arms around Granny all the while trying to climb Granny like she's a tree (but not a very tall tree). I am trying to get a hold of Calvin who is trying to get a hold of the dog and Coleman loses a shoe trying to climb up my back(which upsets him even more - because you can't run without your 'fast' shoes). I just start laughing, because well, what else can you do? Finally, the older gentleman takes the dog away and I get the candy for everyone ... and the kids were ready to call it a night!


Anonymous said...

They all look really cute!!

Have you ever gotten up the nerve to go on the slide? I've always wanted's big enough for me....I think.

April said...

CUTE kids!

"Whats up with that eyepatch?" I think he wants to be a cyclops instead. LOL

Claire said...

What cute pictures! My girls would have acted the same way with a dog.


Dani said...

LOL! I feel their fear!

Kim said...

How fun! It looks like everybody had fun, despite the dog drama :)