Thursday, November 29, 2007

Say Cheese!

Here is sweet baby girl's 6 month picture. I started a trend with the first child - getting a 3-month picture, a 6-month picture, a 9-month picture and a 12-month picture. I wanted to frame them together to see how Coleman had changed in that first year. Well, I still haven't framed them yet...

And well, I got Emmie's pictures done too ... and they are still sitting in my closet...

And, I got Calvin's too - because I couldn't shortchange him could I?

And I am feeling the pressure now to make sure Ellerie gets hers done. And maybe I'll get them framed before she goes to college.

So ... we went yesterday to do her 6-month pictures although my 5-year old informed me that these are 'actually' her 7-month pictures since she turned 7-months on Saturday. But you know how it goes. I did try really hard to get them done in that 6th month, but remember how the last couple of weeks have been?

We even tried to get them done in GA last week but that didn't work out so well either. I like a certain chain studio up here in VA and I saw that they have a new studio down in Valdosta. Perfect! I can get her pictures done while we're there! Wishful thinking!

I called them to make an appointment and they had one the next day, which was the day before Thanksgiving. She informed me that they would take some Christmas pictures first and then move on to different backgrounds. I told her that I didn't want Christmas pictures because I was just going to do a simple 6 month picture. She informed me that I had to start with the Christmas background. I asked to speak to the manager to see if I could skip that part...

Manager: Yes Ma'am, is there a problem?

Me: Well, not really. I just don't want to get a Christmas picture. I just want to do a 6-month picture on a regular background.

Mgr: Well, we are doing Christmas pictures right now because it's the holiday season.

(I'm thinking that I can't help when her 6 month anniversary falls).

Me: Can I just skip that part so I don't waste her smiles since I know I don't want to buy any Christmas pictures?

Mgr: Well, I guess so but then you'll have to wait a long time for the other room without the Christmas decorations. We usually do the Christmas pose in one room and then take some more shots in the other room.

(I'm not really understanding because it seems to me that I have to wait for that 2nd room regardless - so I ask a few more questions about that and then she says...)

Mgr: Look - maybe we're not the studio for you. We're really busy this time of year anyway.

Me: Well, I use this same studio all the time back in VA and we've always had a great experience.

(And if you're so busy then why did you give me an appointment?)

Mgr: Well, I just don't understand why you're not going to get any Christmas pictures.

(I think to myself that it's none of her business why ...)

Me: Well, I have 4 kids and I don't want to do Christmas pictures of just one of them.

(Not to mention that it's easier to take my own and cheaper to get them done online...)

Mgr: Well, why don't you just dress them all up and bring them in for a Christmas picture...

(I thought she was busy ...)

Me: because I just want to get the baby's 6 month picture done. Are you going to just give me a hard time about this and continue to be rude to me?

Mgr: I'm not being rude, I have called you 'Ma'am' several times.

(Oh - okay!)

Me: I think I'll just wait until we get back to Virginia. Thank you anyway.

(So much for Southern hospitality! I tried sooo hard to be patient and kind... sometimes that is so hard in situations like this.)

So we finally got them done - and we weren't forced to do a Christmas picture!


Anonymous said...

What an unbelievable hassle! As if calling someone "ma'am" is all one has to do to show respect. Well, she's adorable!!!

Wendy said...

She is beautiful!

Christina said...

So cute! I'm glad she was cooperative with getting her picture taken after all you went through!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful, Jenn. These pictures make me miss my little girl. She has arrived at 13 years in age and 5'3'' in height much faster than I planned. I especially enjoyed the transcript of your experience with the photographer because your voice was in my head. Too funny. Miss you, Lea Ann

April said...

Those are very sweet pics. Thanks for sharing. I am quite a few posts behind. I will catch up in time. Have a great week. Blessings.

April said...

Not much customer service these days....sorry you had a bad experience. It is probably for the better though because you got great shots. She is very pretty.