Monday, October 29, 2007

How to Unveil and Apply Grace to my Spouse's Soul

I often find that life is just busy ... busy feeding people, washing clothes, teaching lessons, feeding more people, washing more clothes, etc. I have a desire to live intentionally but sometimes it feels like I am "just getting by."

When I am just 'getting by', one of the first things I neglect is my relationship with Brian. I have a special husband but I don't always intenionally nurture that relationship. The Family Room has a great article today about how to unveil and apply grace to my spouse's soul. Go read it.

Here are some questions (from the 'Family Room' article) to think about with your spouse. (The questions written were directed towards the husband, but many apply to the wife as well). My prayer is that these questions will be stepping stones which will cause us to intentionally share the grace of Christ with one another.

"What circumstances are challenging or troubling you right now?
What decisions that need to be made are most weighing on you?
How are you currently experiencing temptation? This week? In this season?
Are you more aware of your sin or how Christ is at work in you?
In what ways do you most need my leadership?
Where do you need me to provide more spiritual direction/nurture?
What passage of scripture would you like us to meditate on together? As a family?
How can I help you set priorities?

In what area do we need to be more unified?
Do you know where I most need your help/input?"

Oh yeah - by the way, baby girl is already 6 months old...


Kelly said...

Great reminder, Jenn!
Check out those curls!! Too cute!

Christina said...

She's a doll! Thanks for the link.

April said...

This is convicting...thanks for posting.

She is darling!!