Tuesday, April 24, 2007



Hey ya'll! It's Kim and I get to do a "guest post"! Isn't this fun? I should meander through here and change all her fonts and colors and stuff. Jenn would like that.

Seriously. Here's the news...

Jenn was dilated to 3cm (as of 8:45) and the doctor broke her water. Her contractions are regular and so baby girl should be here today!!!
I called the house and the kids all wanted to talk on the phone.

Emmie: Ms. Kim....you know my baby sister is coming today!
Coleman: Ms. Kim....I had more birthday cake last night. I have a Lightning McQueen car like Samuel.

Priorities people. Priorities. Babies come everyday. Birthday cakes do not.

More later. Prayers are appreciated for a wonderful birth experience and a healthy baby! Thanks in advance.


Jenn is 5 cm dilated and has lost the "chipper" voice she had this morning. The epidural is on the way which means *Happy Times* are ahead.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Ms. Kim!

Kim said...

Thank you for updating us,Kim! I am praying all goes well!!!

I can't wait to hear more news!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn, We're keeping you in our thoughts and prayers today. And I'm hoping that the shock of my commenting on your blog will spur Baby Girl on. Love ya, The Lurker

Christina said...

Thanks for the update!