Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What a beauty!

Ellerie Dean

Born April 24th at 4:32 p.m.

6 pounds 3 ounces

18 1/2 inches long

I'll leave the details for Jenn. Every mom deserves to tell her own battle story ;)
She and the baby are both doing wonderfully.


Christina said...

She's beautiful! I'm glad that you are doing well Jenn.

Anonymous said...

Oh, she's just beautiful!! Congratulations!!

Dani said...

Congrats! I know you all are so happy to have her here.

Kelly said...

She looks like a great addition to your family! Glad to hear everything went well.

Kim said...

What a beautiful perfect baby girl! Just lovely in every way!

Congratulations! Rest as often as you can.


Kevin Rhyne said...

Congrats! She's a beauty.