Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Weekend

It's been a frigid January this year. The daily highs have only been in the 30's. Now I know plenty of people live where it gets much colder, but these South Georgia bones can barely handle this weather. I am 6 months pregnant and can barely keep warm. So we have been staying inside alot lately. In fact, when I asked the kids yesterday if they wanted to get out of the house and go walk around Target, they jumped up and down and shouted 'hooray'! Doesn't take much does it?

We've had a busy and productive weekend so far. Granny and PawPaw took our 2 oldest for a day out on the town. So while we had some time to watch just one child, we decided to get rid of the baby bed and bring out the 'big boy bed' for our 2 1/2 year old. Hopefully he won't chew on this bed! I was kind of nervous about how he would do staying in it but he did great tonight. He hardly moved after I laid him down. Maybe potty training will be this easy?


Wendy said...

That sounds like my kids when I mention getting out of the house. It has been freezing here too and we are supposed to get snow today.

What a cute picture! I hope potty training is that easy for you! :)

Christina said...

I always wear multiple layers because I'm so cold. I feel for you!

BTW, I tagged you for a homeschool meme if you want to do it.

We got a kick out of the Me Church video!