Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Focus

Some good reads for your weekend:

There is a big sports event going on this weekend... Read this article from The Family Room which talks about "Sanctifying the Superbowl." (Personally, I enjoy football and look forward to this night, especially the good snacks that I make "for"my husband. I am pulling for Peyton Manning and the Colts! Any other football fans out there?)

"Children's Sunday School and the Battle for the Bible" is an interesting article about what our children are (and are not) being taught in Sunday School. I am so thankful that our children are in a preschool Sunday School class that unashamedly teaches the entire council of God's Word.

I have been reading the book Disciplines of a Godly Woman by Barbara Hughes. Leslie has been reviewing this book on her blog. Her insights are deep and thought-provoking so go and read her summary about the book and consider adding it to your reading list.

Ok - this is just a little bizarre but funny! (Thanks to Challies for this link!)

Have a great weekend!


Christina said...

Thanks for the link to the article on children's sunday school. That is one of the reason's we left our church. They changed from solid Biblical Doctrine to "Moralizm". Their goal became enticing unchurched families, rather than discipling kids. The problem is then those unchurched families learn more about "Gilligan's Island" (No joke) than the soverign God.

Anonymous said...

That article about children's sunday school is excellent! Like Christine it is one of the reasons we are searching for a church right now. It's all about fun these days. Many of the leaders of churches (of churches we've visited) go on and on about how much fun their kids are having watching "short videos with a purpose" and playing games--what they don't know is that we are not at all impressed with that. I am not impressed with dangling cheap, dollar store "gifts" before the kids as an incentive for memorizing scripture, either. Don't get me wrong--I think Bible study should be fun for kids, but don't leave out the Bible study part!

Kelly said...

We are for the Colts as well!
Great article on sunday school.