Saturday, February 03, 2007

More For You!

Ok. You must watch this video about "Me Church." It is a funny video but sadly, most people do want a church that meets their needs.

Also, John Piper wrote an excellent and moving article about being married to his wife. This is the kind of marriage that I want to be a part of (not that I want to be a part of his marriage - but that my marriage would reflect the same values and desires as his - just so I wouldn't confuse you!)

Hope you're having a great weekend!


Kelly said...

Wow! It is scary how close to the truth that this video is. Maybe a bit over the top, but so much on target with attitudes seen in the church today. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I watched that Me Church clip the other day. What else are people supposed to think when "outreach" is all about meeing someone's felt needs? If people think that is what church is all about, it's our own fault! Shame on us for leaving the gospel behind or, at best, making it a secondary issue.

Kim said...

Ooo,that video makes me sad! But,it is so true! When will people see the Holy God for who He is and bow the knee in knowing it is all about His glory and not our conviences?! We need to be in prayer for today's church,esp for the ones where God's Word and God's glory is not the emphasis!


Kim said...

I have tried to post this link in my sidebar for a while but it would never work. Funny but true.


I tell you if there isn't a church out there givin' them away yet.....there will be.

Anonymous said...

In our neck of the woods they give away bikes and iPods.