Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Day

This is the first year our kids have been old enough to really ‘get into’ Valentines day. They made valentines for friends and family, cooked special treats, and tried some crafts. I say ‘tried’ because their Momma is craft-challenged. Let’s just say when I shave crayons with my vegetable peeler (and even try to chop up some with my Pampered Chef chopper), use wax paper, and an iron with water in it – well, it ain’t pretty. At least they’re forgiving – (well the children are, not the crayons)!

Wednesday was a busy day with school, dance class, and church meetings at night. But we were all able to enjoy one another’s company and exchange our little valentines. (Why do they always put those 1 or 2 yucky cherry and lemon creams inside the chocolates anyway?)

The kids got some Valentines in the mail this week from both sets of grandparents. And these valentines had some money in it so we went to spend it yesterday afternoon.

Calvin and Coleman got some new Cars.

Emmie got a wedding dress.

It was a neat treat for them to be able to go spend some money on themselves. Although it presented a little bit of a problem today. Coleman asked me if he could have $1000 to buy some more cars. I told him no because that was a lot of money. I shared that he could work for some money but it would take a LONG time to get a thousand dollars. He shook his head and said, “No Mommy. All you have to do is go check the mail. It’s there.”

Ahhh. If only it were that easy! Thanks Mimi, Daddy Mac, PawPaw, and Granny!


Kelly said...

That is great! At Christmas after explaining how she would get 3 presents on Christmas morning, she informed me that was ok because her family would get her lots of presents. By family, she means her grandparents!

Kelly said...

By she, I am referring to Parker!

Kim said...

Hey! Samuel got the same Lightning McQueen car :)