Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Daddy's the Man (the Playdough Man)

We've had great weather the past 3 days - almost in the 70's. But today it got colder so the kids wanted to get out the paint and then the playdough. Now, you have to know some backstory - I am not crafty. I've just never been very good at that kind of stuff. I enjoy doing it but nothing ever turns out like it should.

Now Daddy is artistic. He draws better than the Big Idea people. He makes figures with the pancake mix (and my circles hardly look like circles). In fact, today the kids wanted some help with the playdough. They didn't ask me to help, they just asked when Daddy would be home.

And then he just had to show-off! Here's Daddy's playdough version of Larry Boy!

And a close-up for you!

Thank goodness for Daddy!


FishMama said...

Your Brian sounds just like my Bryan! He can draw horses and airplanes, and knights in shining armor. I can draw Snoopy on a doghouse.

Thank God for Daddies!

Christina said...

That's so great! It's nice to have a creative and artistic husband. (I do too!)

Kim said...

Brian is obviously gifted in several areas. You forgot to mention his uncanny ability to make Sparkie (AWANAs) sound like Fred Sanford from Sanford & Son.

Do the wonders ever cease?

Anonymous said...

My husband can do stuff like that, too. The kids never come to me when they need something drawn.

That's the best play-dough LarryBoy I've ever seen.