Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Conversation With a 4-year Old

A conversation with my sweet 4-year old when we were talking about napping.

Mommy: Emmie, why does Mommy take naps?

4-year old: Because she’s bery tired.

Mommy: Really? Why is she very tired?

4-year old: Because you have a baby in your tummy!

Mommy: Right.

4-year old: My Daddy takes naps too.

Mommy: Really? Why does Daddy take naps?

4-year old: Because he’s bery tired.

Mommy: Why is Daddy very tired?

4-year old: Because he’s 32!


Anonymous said...

This is sooo funny!!!

When I was pregnant and "honey" asked me what I was up to all day (when it looked like all I did was lay around the house), I said I was busy making whatever body part was on the list for that week. "Oh, nothing. Just supplying nutrients for some lungs and fingernails. What'd you do today?."

Christina said...

What a funny little girl! I'm glad you're getting some rest.

Kim said...

So cute! She sounds like our little Evie. Thanks for your prayers and wonderful advice for my sick ones! Have a wonderful day!


Kelly said...

Being 32 sounds like a good reason to me to take a nap!