Friday, August 11, 2006

Mother of the Year?

Calvin, our 2 year old, just hasn’t felt good the past few days. Wednesday night his eye started running a little. I thought it was probably a cold or pink eye. I’m not one to run to the Dr first thing and yesterday it looked like it was clearing up, so I just kept him home. But by bedtime last night, both eyes were running and was very whiny. I called the nurse and she said I could give him a couple of things to help him feel better but to bring him in the next day to check his ears. After benadryl and motrin and cuddling, he had a pretty peaceful nights sleep – that means Mommy did too! So I decided to go ahead and taken him in to the Dr first thing this morning … and he has an ear infection! Poor baby. I felt so bad that I didn’t take him in yesterday. Guess I won’t win “Mother of the Year” yet. He’s so laid back, I had no idea. He hadn’t pulled on his ears or anything. So, now he’s on antibiotics and some eye drops. Eye drops for a 2 year old? They said to just wrap him in a sheet to put them in – yeah right – that won’t make him fight me. Actually, he’s my best patient and he did pretty well except for the fact that it took me about 5 drops to get 1 drop in – I hope that pharmacist put some extra drops in there!


Amy said...

Ugh! I hate giving eye drops to young children :) Our six year old needed them recently and my husband and I practically had to sit on him to get them in. He's the wimpy one in the family, lol! Our yearly flu shots are a should have seen the nurses sweating last year.

Mississippi Girl said...

Hope your little one is feeling much better soon!
Jennifer R.

Anonymous said...

Now don't feel terrible about not taking him to the doc right away. You can go too far in the other direction and take your kids everytime they have a sniffle. Sounds like you did the right thing. I hope he feels better soon.

plainandsimple said...

Hi Jenn

Ditto Leslie. You did just the right thing. My eldest girl suffers with ear infections, but I know that anti-biotics soon kick in and she's right as rain after a day or two. He sounds like a brave little soldier!