Sunday, August 24, 2008

Family Pictures

Oh yeah - I have a blog don't I?

Well, we had a family picture made this past week. It was a lot of fun (right Granny and PawPaw)? Here are some of the shots.
The entire family

Jenn and Brian

The Kids






Kelly said...

Too Cute! Love the brown shirts for the girls!

Anonymous said...

Emmie looks so grown up!

Wendy said...

those are great, especially the family one!

Robin said...

The pictures are great Jenn - I can't believe how big all the babies are getting.
We are settled in MD - so maybe we can get together soon!

Christina said...

Adorable! BTW, I love the new look for your blog.

Karen said...

i love the family pictures!! it's fun to see you all together...since i haven't met you all i can't keep straight who's who sometimes...thanks for the post!

Claire said...

Cute pics. The kids are growing so fast.