Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Well, I have been looking for my camera to post some pictures of the last couple of weekends but I still haven’t found it. My parents came up from Georgia the weekend before last for a visit. I’ll try to post some pics when I find the camera.

I asked my 4-year old daughter if she had used Mommy’s camera and if she knew where it was (since she sometimes 'borrows' things like my car keys). She told me it was in the attic. Later she came and told me that the camera was outside in an airplane. So, she hasn’t been much help.

I sure hope it’s somewhere around here. Nothing is where it normally is since I have been feeling pretty “yucky” for the last few weeks. I hope to be able to catch up on housework soon – but at least Calvin likes to eat the crumbs off the kitchen floor! That sure has helped! But I think I may be taking a turn for the better. I think I am usually rid of the “yuckies” by 11 weeks (I will be 11 weeks this coming weekend) and then I am just plain tired.

My husband has been a trooper. He hasn’t complained when the choices for supper have been: frozen corn dogs or frozen pizza. He hasn’t complained when he had to get his clean clothes out of the huge pile on the chair in the corner of our room (at least they’re clean, right). And he hasn’t complained about “taking over” the house and kids when he gets home from work! I am a blessed woman. (But I am carrying HIS child, ya know!)

This past weekend the kids spent Friday night with Granny and PawPaw so we had the house to ourselves! We woke up (blissfully late) on Saturday and spent the day in Colonial Williamsburg. It was a fun and relaxing day. We missed our babies but enjoyed being able to spend some time alone together.

I hope I can post some pics soon.


Amy said...

I've been wanting to post pics too but have lost the cable to hook my camera up to the computer! For once, the kids don't know where it is :)

I hope you're feeling better very soon. That nausea is *no fun at all*.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Williamsburg was wonderful. I hope you find your camera soon!

Becky said...

AWE!! You husband sounds like he's doing a great job!! I would suppose (and hope) by pregnancy #4 they would have figured out. My husband was great during my weeks of the "yuckies" which have pretty much gone away and I feel like I'm STILL trying to catch up on chores!!! LOL!

Hang in there....the fun parts are just around the corner!

And I really hope your camera isn't in the plane outside!!!!