Monday, October 30, 2006

Fridge Meme

Ok. I was actually tagged twice (by Amy and Leslie) to do this fridge meme. Now I still don't exactly know how you pronounce this word (meme) but I am going to do it anyway. I still haven't found my nice camera. I am thinking I need to face the fact that I probably lost it, althought I would rather blame my 4 year old. I found my old one but it's not as good. It has a couple of pixels, but there's no zoom and you can't tell how the picture looks until you download it. It takes regular batteries, of which we have none, so I took some from the remote. And as you can tell, the date stamp is wrong. Oh well.

So here goes ...

I didn't clean up the fridge, but like Leslie, I am SOOO glad the pics are supposed to show the outside and NOT the inside of the fridge. On the front of the fridge, I have my monthly calendar, family pics, magnets, and the graph we made in school which shows the number of girls/boys in our family.

On the side are more pics of friends and our trusty alphabet letters. We try to keep the magnets up high because Calvin likes to eat the magnet part off the back of the magnets. I guess that's why all the paper clips are sticking to him!

I tag Kim and Kelly!


Amy said...

Lol at the paper clip joke! Shh..I don't know how to pronounce "meme" either.

Anonymous said...

We made that same graph!

I wikipedia-d the whole "meme" thang. It says to pronounce it like we pronounce "gene."

Kim said...

Looks a little like mine! I lost my camera a couple of years ago and realized within hours that it was inside the dumpster at the school! I had finished Fun With Faith and put the camera inside of a bag that was carried out with trash!!!! Good luck finding your camera. Maybe someone turned it in at the zoo?