Saturday, October 09, 2010

An Amazing Date Night

Sunday night a week ago Brian and I were able to sneak away for a few hours for a date (thanks for watching the kids Granny and PawPaw)! We headed to eat a quick dinner at one of my favorite places: Chipotle! I really enjoyed sitting down to eat with Brian and being able to talk together for a few minutes.

After dinner we went to see Matthew Smith in concert at a local church. We thought it may be crowded so we got there early to get good seats. But it turns out that no one else was early - so we had a few more moments to chat while we waited on everyone else to come to the concert.

The concert was such an incredible worship experience. Matthew Smith's website says that he is "an East Nashville singer-songwriter who writes brand new music to centuries-old hymn texts." He is also involved with Indelible Grace Music.

I know that many people in churches cringe when they think of putting 'new' music to the old, ancient hymns. But I encourage people to read more at the Indelible Grace website and to listen to some of the songs. "It was common for people to compose new music for each generation for many of the hymns that they loved. There is no rule that says each hymn can only have one musical setting, and in fact, hymnals are designed for you to be able to mix and match words and music -- that's why they have a metrical index. But unfortunately, we lost this tradition and got stuck in a more modern traditionalism of associating one particular tune with one particular hymn ... Our goal is not change for change's sake, but to rekindle a love of hymns and to invite many who would never associate rich passion with hymns to actually read the words." (Indelible Grace website)

It was such an encouraging and worshipful concert. I am thankful for the incredible music we were able to experience. Thanks for planning this special evening, Brian!

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Wendy said...

Sounds like a great date night! We just had our second one for the year last week. Pretty sad that we've only gone out twice in a year, but life has been busy.

So glad to catch up w/you here today. I don't get much time for blogging anymore. I'm sure you can relate.

Looks like you've been consistently running this year. Great job!