Monday, November 02, 2009


Rebecca, at 'Rebecca Writes', has once again declared November as month of Thanksgiving. So, along with Kim and Leslie, I hope to daily post things for which I am thankful. (Maybe this will get me back into the blogging groove)!

1. Let me go ahead and make up for yesterday. One year ago yesterday was the last day we were at the church plant we had been involved with for 3 years. It was the last time I heard Brian preach. It was the last time we worshiped with people who had been like family. It was an emotionally draining day. Many things had transpired over time (many things that I wanted to blog about but I didn't and now I am grateful that God held my tongue, or the keyboard, or whatever) which led us to realize that we needed to move on to a healthy church body. After many prayers were prayed and tears were cried, we left that body. It was a hard decision and I often wanted to defend ourselves and the misconceptions that were painted about us. But we left that in God's hands and did our best to glorify him in every situation. Brian was such a rock and an example to me during that time. So, the 1st thing I am thankful for this November is the grace, strength, and humility that my husband showed through all of those trials one year ago.

2. Today I am thankful that I can stay home and teach my children. This year that has truly been a joy so far!


Lisa notes... said...

Leaving a church can be so difficult, but I'm glad that you were able to see such strong character in your husband through it.

Enjoy homeschooling your children - I'm on my 15th year and it has been such a blessing to our whole family. I'm convinced I've learned more things than anyone.

Anonymous said...

Great list so far! Glad you're having a good school year. And with a new baby in the house, too. You go, Girl!

Kim said...

I can't believe it has been year already! What a trial ... but a blessing as well.

I am grateful to have walked those dark days with you guys and to find you here on the other side with our friendship stronger than ever! Praise God!