Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Catching Up

My parents came up to visit a couple of weeks ago and they brought Ms. Fran with them. Ms. Fran is a sweet, old woman (she's almost 85!) from their church in Georgia. She is widowed and doesn't have any children or much other family. We usually try to go to lunch with her when we're down there visiting, and I thought it may be fun for her to come up and visit sometime.

She spent the night at Brian's parents house while she was here so she could have her own space. (Hey -even I was jealous of that!) We loved having her here. She loved on all of our kids and they all loved on her. It was such a blessing for us to be able to spend time with her although we kept her pretty busy.

We went out to lunch, shopped at Sam's, went to Jamestown and Yorktown - all in just 3 days!

This is the ferry to Jamestown.

Here is Ms. Fran with all the kids!

Mimi and Mac at one of the ships.

Everyone 'helping' lift something. Which is comical, because we all know that Mimi doesn't sweat, at least not intentionally. So I'm sure Brian is the only one doing the 'lifting'!

Ms. Fran with Brian's parents - who fixed us a wonderful rib dinner after our long day at Jamestown and Yorktown!!

Thanks for indulging all the pictures lately. If you're interested in some blogging that will make you think, go here.

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