Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Emmie!

Sweet Emmie turned 5 on August 26... and she has been celebrating for a couple of weeks. Her cousins couldn't come to her Chick-Fil-A party so we had a get-together at Granny's a week earlier. Last Friday, she had a party at Chick-Fil-A with most of our church family (we're a small church plant, so yes, almost the entire church was there)! Daddy Mac and Mimi were able to drive up from GA to be a part of the festivities and PawPaw and Granny came as well.

Emmie has grown up so much this last year. She had such a kind heart and spirit and loves to ask questions. Her favorite TV shows are Home Cookin With Paula Deen and Rachel Ray. She loves to play 'Mommy' to her babies and color creative pictures. She got a new Bitty Baby for her birthday so her first one would have a sister (although she can't have anyore sisters - had to nip that in the bud). She then informed me that she would have to get 2 babies dressed every morning! She exclaimed to me, "Mommy, that's going to be CRAZY!" Don't I know it?

Here are some pics:

Opening presents with the VA cousins.

Pink cupakes with the VA cousins.

Belle birthday cake at Chick Fil A

Presents with the church family

Mommy and her Bitty Babies

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We love you and are thankful for the joy and endless laughter you bring to our life!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Emmie!!!

It looks like you guys racked up on the pink bags and tissue paper. Do you usually keep all of it to reuse?

Kim said...

Happy Birthday sweet Emmie!

Hey Jenn....don't you mean "craazee"?

Kelly said...

Love the Belle cake! Think you could ship one down here for our next birthday?