Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Integrity of Marriage

Today I found a link from The Family Room to an Al Mohler article entitled “The Seduction of Pornography and the Integrity of Christian Marriage.” In a day where pornographic images are rampant (even when you’re just walking through the mall and pass a Victoria’s Secret store), we as the Body of Christ must stand differently than the world in which we live. Pornography can easily invade homes and marriages leaving lasting damage. We must be aware and do what we can to protect our families (like filters for our computers and spiritual accountability). This article is a great resource for a husband and wife to read and study together. Here is an excerpt:

“The deliberate use of pornography is nothing less than the willful invitation of illicit lovers and objectified sex objects and forbidden knowledge into a man’s heart, mind, and soul. The damage to the man’s heart is beyond measure, and the cost in human misery will only be made clear on the Day of Judgment. From the moment a boy reaches puberty until the day he is lowered into the ground, every man will struggle with lust. Let us follow the biblical example and scriptural command that we make a covenant with our eyes lest we sin.”

There are several resources for purity in the Christian life at Josh Harris' blog.


Kim said...

This is excellent! We have a filter and are so very careful in this area...we try to protect ourselves from the rampant sin that this is.

Thanks for calling attention to it!

Kelly said...

Thanks fo rthe links--such an important topic!