Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Tour

A little late, but better than never. Check out BooMama's site for other tours.


Anonymous said...

Yea Jenn! Ya know they say nice guys finish last. I don't know about the nice guy part, but girl I am certainly finishing last this week!!! Thanks for the tour (but I sort of cheated since I was there last week!)Hannah loves your nativity/advent calendar. I saw it at the bookstore but I am waiting for the day after Christmas so I can get some deals. Those would make great gifts for next year. Sorry for the long post :)

See ya in the morning.

Amy said...

Lovely Jenn. Just popping in before we leave for my parent's place to wish you a Merry Christmas :)

Wendy said...

Thanks for the tour. Looks so nice!

Hope you have a great Christmas!

Sarakastic said...

Your nativity is gorgeous, I'm so jealous, it's probably wrong to be jealous over a nativity but I am!