Friday, December 01, 2006

Christmas Shopping Tip

Yesterday I noticed an email in my husband's inbox. I saw he had emailed himself a link from work. When I clicked on the link, it took me to a picture of a George Foreman grill/griddle combo. I immediately recognized what this was - hopefully he hadn't ordered it for me yet.

When he got home from work, I asked him about it and I was right. He had thought about that as a Christmas gift for me but he hadn't gone through with it - yet. Whew! I asked him where he got that idea and he told me about a website they were discussing at work. At this site you can look under personality types for gift ideas. I am thankful that he picked me as a "supermom" but not so thankful that they recommended the grill/griddle combo. Don't get me wrong, we use our griddle pretty often, but as a Christmas gift from my husband? I'll pass.

We decided to go back to how we normally do it. I give him a carefully selected (and detailed) list, (like on aisle 13 at Target) - and he can independently choose from that! (Or I told him to ask my friend Kim. Don't let me down Kim!)


Amy said...

This is hilarious! Good thing you "intercepted" him, heh heh.

Kim said...

Just tell me the color and the bag style and I'll get that guy to the next Vera Bradley retailer!

That website is too funny! It recommended for Chris' personality an electric-shock lie detector *game*. That's pretty weird!!!

Anonymous said...

I am all about the list! Jason does fairly well on his own, but I prefer giving some direction in the gift buying area!