Friday, September 01, 2006

Good Morning Ernesto!

Ernesto has come this way. Thankfully so far it’s just been a great deal of rain. (Hurricane Isabelle came through in September 2003 and a tree fell through our house, but that’s another post.) This much rain and darkness makes for a fun, lazy day. Everyone slept in today – you have to when it’s so dark and there’s the unending pitter-patter of the rain. I even skipped my morning exercise. We all watched a video together on the couch cuddled under a blanket! I am thankful for these special times.

Tomorrow I am going on a trip to visit with some girlfriends from college. During college, God provided some loving Christian girls who became special friends. We said that we would get together every Labor Day after we graduated but the last time I was able to see everyone was a little over 4 years ago. You know how it goes being pregnant, nursing, being pregnant, nursing, etc!

I am excited about catching up with everyone, although I am also a little nervous. This is the first time for me to be away from all of my kids for more than a day. My husband is gracious to help provide times where I get out and about by myself, but I enjoy us spending time together as a family when we can. I especially love our weekends together. I feel like I might “miss out” on something while I am gone. So, while I will try to take advantage of this time, my heart will be missing by husband and precious babies! I hope to listen to some sermons on the trip (7 hours by myself one-way) and work on my scripture memory.

Brian does a wonderful job with the kids so I'm not worried about that. I’ve readied everything for him so it shouldn’t be too crazy, but I am wondering what kind of disaster zone I will walk into on Monday afternoon! :) I told him not to worry about “housekeeping” so…


Amy said...

Winter is cold up here, but I can't complain. No earthquakes, hurricanes, vocanoes etc. :)

Yup, I was pregnant or nursing for almost five years straight. I know how that goes!

I'm starting to crave a weekend away. I went on a little holiday along with my parents last October and it was heavenly. Hope you have a great time visiting with your friends!

Becky said...

Have a great weekend!!!! It should be FUN!!!!! Stay dry! :)

Kelly said...

Have a great trip! I wonder where Jodi, Pam and Pamela are?