Monday, September 11, 2006

And The Winner Is ...

One of the activities we had this past weekend was a Walk-a-thon. My husband was working as a volunteer for the local Crisis Pregnancy Center walk-a-thon so I decided to participate in the walk Saturday morning. I loaded up our youngest in the jogging stroller and we took off with all of the other walkers. Now, I hadn’t gotten up to exercise in the early morning because Brian had to get to the park early so I wanted to make these few miles count as exercise.

Calvin and I had a pretty good speed going as the race, I mean, walk-a-thon, started. The more we walked, the more people we passed – and then this competitive spirit started rising up within me. So I turned it up a little more. Before I knew it, I had taken over the lead (although it was just a walk-a-thon and not a race, right?)! As I headed back, I saw that two women had obviously already turned around to head back without going the entire distance. (Can you cheat in a walk-a-thon?) Well, you know what I did next? I ran the rest of the way so that those older women wouldn’t beat me. I know – pitiful. But I’m just being honest.

As I headed back to the park, images of everyone standing there cheering for me ran through my head. But when I arrived, the only people who noticed were my sweet husband and my 2 oldest children. But they were so excited that it didn’t matter that no one else noticed. I’m not an experienced runner so I know I’ll never win a real race – but I tell you, I am going to hold on to this walk-a-thon victory. I may even make myself a ribbon or something. But in the words of my dear husband, “too bad that nobody else knew they were racing you!” Yeah, too bad.


Amy said...

You go girl, LOL!

Kelly said...

Hey remember finishing second is really the first loser! Way to kick it into high gear. It was all for the sake of unborn babies, right?