Friday, June 09, 2006

The Process of Sanctification - Dirty Diapers

(Disclaimer – subject matter may not be appropriate for those with a weak stomach!)

My third child is such a sweet little boy. So kind, tenderhearted, easy-going (I know, he sounds just like me, well, ok - maybe that's a stretch). He continually makes us laugh and loves to give us hugs and kisses. But this adorable little 23-month old has also thrown us for a loop. He often surprises us with his antics. I think I have this toddler/preschooler thing down and then he teaches me a lesson. He has no fear and loves to jump blindly off furniture. He began chewing on things (furniture, people, animals, his bed) during a teething episode and hasn’t stopped. Seriously, he gnaws on the trees outside! Bark is fiber, right?

I heard him wake up from nap last Friday and he was playing happily in his crib so I continued to finish a few chores before getting him out of his bed. As I walked toward the door, I smelled something funny. As I entered his room, I tried to control myself. I wanted to run out and pretend I didn’t see it (I could just leave him in the baby bed until Daddy got home right?), but I couldn’t as my older 2 preschoolers came running in the room. “Mommy! Oh no! Why did Calvin poop on his head?” I said, “I don’t know – I’m trying to figure that one out myself!”

Now, you have to know that dirty diapers and throw-up aren’t my favorite thing (I know, there’s not many people who would probably list it under their “favorites” but I have a particular aversion to it). Yet God is using all of this to sanctify me and teach me about selfless service (or so I keep telling myself). Back to the room - the particular substance in question was everywhere – even around his mouth. Now, I told you earlier that Calvin eats everything – and now I can truly say “everything!” My neighbor suggested that I call the nurse and make sure he was alright. I already know that if the baby eats money, you’re supposed to check the diapers to make sure it all comes out. But what do you check the diaper for in this situation? Well, the nurse said it was fine since it had come from his own body. Well, isn’t that good to know? So, I guess what I learned from this whole situation is that it’s fine for your children to eat their own ‘substance’, just not someone else’s. Thank you Calvin!

It’s important to remember in this journey of Mothering that God’s grace is sufficient for all things. I am thankful that I can serve these children and that God is using things like dirty diapers to help make me more like His Son.


Claire said...

Oh Jenn!!!!!!!!!I don't know what I would have done. I probably need to pepare myself, because Emily is like Calvin and eat everything.


Anonymous said...

You and my daughter, Amy (Contemplations Amid Chaos) seem to have a lot in common. Only in her case, it's her only daughter, such a sweet little darling, who is known in the family as 'The Princess of Poop'! LOL (and *gag*)

Lori said...

BTDT! It's a part of motherhood I could live without, LOL!