Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We're Home!

Just a quick update - We're Home!!

The last day of packing up was sad for me but I had already spent time thinking about the transition.  Brian and I were rushing around trying to get the Uhaul returned that I didn't even realize that we had left the old house for the last time together!  Probably a good thing though.  By that point, I was tired and ready to be done.

Several friends from his Bible study and our church family helped us move and that was such a blessing to us!  PawPaw and Granny watched the kids for us a ton that week so we could get some necessary work done.    We are still in the process of unpacking.  After moving day, we had VBS week at church and then I took the kids to GA to visit family there.  We are now here and slowly unpacking and arranging along with daily living.  It seems to be a slow process.  Maybe we'll be done by Christmas!?

From day one, it has felt like home to us.  Although I was a little scared the first night - the lock on the back door wasn't working and I kept hearing strange noises.  I was secretly hoping that Brian's parents would sleep here with us (sometimes it's crazy to think I'm the adult now)!  We survived that night and Brian's dad fixed the lock so I'm good now.  All of the kids love it and haven't looked back.  We look forward to making many memories here!!  Hopefully I'll share some those here sometime!

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Anonymous said...

Such a sweet story..Love the house and wishing you many blessings and memories there.