Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our First Home!

 We purchased our first home back in May of 1999.  This is a picture of the drawing they had in the realtor's office!  We were so excited!

We were able to watch them build it from the ground up!   

 That's me back in the day!

 Yes, that's Brian - he had hair then!  ;)

 This picture cracks me up!  I was so excited about that bath tub - no jets but that was ok!

 I didn't crop out the truck because that was Brian's pick-up that we had forever - like for almost 200,000 miles I think?!  There's my little Sentra in the garage - the only car we could fit in there - the car that we outgrew pretty quickly!  And look at those little teeny shrubs!

Here it is today!  We closed in the garage to make a playroom/bonus room.  Several trees are gone (thanks to several hurricanes), the shrubs have grown and thousands of memories have been made.

Just a few weeks ago we took the steps to purchase a bigger home for our growing family and now our time here is coming to a close.  I didn't think I would be too sentimental about it but I was mistaken.  Don't get me wrong - we are so excited about our new space and the new memories we will make there as a family but it is still sad to be leaving our first real home!  
I hope to write down a few of our memories during the next few days so that we won't forget!


Jenny said...

What a beautiful home! I love looking at your old photos and look forward to your future blogs. I cried like a baby when we moved from our first little "cracker box " home. That 's where we came home as newly weds and where our girls came home when they were born. For a while, I would get mad at the changes the new owners were making...silly, huh? Enjoy your new home and your new space!

Leslie said...

Love the pictures! When I think about buying a larger home for our family, I like to think I won't be sentimental about it. But I'm sure I will!