Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

 Carter turns 2!  March 13, 2011!

 He doesn't like the candles though - he kept turning his head and wouldn't look at them!

 On Tuesday we got together with family to celebrate Carter's 2nd year of life!  He wanted a Woody cake!

 Opening presents...

 More toys...

 Some new shades!  He loves to wear sunglasses all the time!

 Just love this precious boy!  He has brought so much joy to our entire family.  He loves Woody, McQueen, cars, trains, balls...  He also loves to play with his siblings.  I love the names he has picked for everyone so far.  He calls Coleman 'Momo', Emmie is 'Memmie', Ellerie is 'Baby', and Calvin sounds different everytime, but now it sounds like 'Caca'.  

We are thankful for this blessing in our lives and continually pray for him to know God's grace in his life.  We love you Carter.

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