Friday, July 17, 2009

Some Time Alone

Tonight I am babysitting for a friend and her sweet baby is already asleep and I have some time all - by - myself! I have been looking through different resources in preparation for the upcoming school year. One of the resources that Kim pointed me to was this post by Kendra. Kendra then linked to her friend Cheryl as a resource for homeschooling curriculum and encouragement. Her post about the preschool season has continued to be on my mind.

Here is some of her wisdom: "The best thing, the very best thing, you can do with your young children is simply to delight in them ... I know these years can be hard, especially if all of your children are quite young. Might I remind you that God makes no mistakes in sending children our way. He knows, far better than you, what you are able to handle. If it all seems way too overwhelming, stand back and evaluate what you might be trying to do that He has not called you to do. Volunteer work, weekly ladies Bible studies, leading Awanas or Missionettes, - these are all good and worthy pursuits, but are they the BEST things you can be doing in this season of having little ones in your home? I cannot know your circumstances, but I do know this. God does not give us more than we are able to handle. If we are overwhelmed, we are doing more than God has given us to do. Learn to let go of the things that are not yours to do right now."

'Learn to let go of the things that are not yours to do right now.' This is speaking volumes to me because I have a tendency to overcommit and do too much. So as I am preparing for the fall, I am praying that God will direct me to what He desires for me to do. My first calling is to be a wife to my husband and then a mother to my children. I need to be intentional in my time with them this coming year so I am just continuing to pray...


Two Mini Girls said...

Hey Jennifer,
Thank you soo much for that post, it was such a wonderful reminder to me what I am truely clearly called to do and that is be a wife and a mother and everything else comes afterwards.

Thanks again,
Laura Pelletier Smith

A Servant of the King said...

Back when my children were little (in the 80's!!) I was lamenting to my pastor's wife that I really wanted to be more involved in the church. She told me that during this season in my life that my place was home. It was the best advice I ever received and I'm so thankful that I followed it. Now that they are older, I do have the time for Bible studies, VBS, etc.

I know when they are little, the days can seem endless but as a mom of children who are 23, 20, and 15--trust me--the time flies by and they will be grown before you know it!! Enjoy your time with them :-)
Elaine <><

PS: love your playlist!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Just catching up with ya....beautiful baby, beautiful you after giving birth!!!