Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Brian!

34 Things… (since you’re 34 years old)

1. I love how you truly desire to please the LORD.

2. I love how your favorite number seems to be 17.

3. I love to go to bed with you each night.

4. I love to hug you.

5. I love how you smell (most of the time)! :)

6. I am thankful for the joy you take in caring for our kids.

7. I am thankful that you truly enjoy bathing the children!

8. I am fascinated by the patience you have with me.

9. I am grateful for the mercy you continually extend to me.

10. I hope to be more like you in how I love others.

11. I am thankful for your family.

12. I love to watch you play with the kids.

13. I love watching you hold our newborn babies.

14. I appreciate how you serve us in those days after we bring home a new baby.

15. I like to spend time with you, just hanging out.

16. You’re my most favorite person.

17. I am in awe of your humility.

18. I am thankful for your model of godliness, especially in hard church situations this past year.

19. I love to listen to you play guitar.

20. I love for you to lead in worship. (and I miss that now)

21. You’re one of my favorite preachers (right up there with John Piper)! :)

22. I love your passion for right doctrine.

23. I am a bit jealous of your easy-going spirit.

24. I am thankful that you always point me to the Truth.

25. I am grateful for the support you give me as I develop strong, godly friendships with some girlfriends.

26. I am glad to know you would fight to protect us if an intruder came into our home at night! J

27. I love to laugh with you at night when my ‘talking’ in my sleep wakes us both up.

28. I am thankful that you enjoy being with my side of the family.

29. I love to hear you pray for our children.

30. I love to hear you pray for me.

31. I enjoy looking back on memories with you.

32. I like to read your blog posts (although some make my head hurt so I can’t read them late at night)!

33. I love how you make me laugh.

34. I pray for at least 34 more birthdays to celebrate together!


Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Brian! What a whippersnapper!

5honeybunns said...

That was beautiful, Jenn. Who could ask for a better birthday present?
Happy Birthday, Brian.

Kim said...

Did you know you had a blog?

Just wondering.