Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Faithful Pastor

"If the church is to prosper and mature, she will need faithful men to lead and care for her. The church will need men who are sound in doctrine, whose lives are guided by the Word of God, and who are willing to defend the truth. The church will need to hold up as its ideal those who model fidelity and love toward God, men who will pour themselves our for the benefit of the Lord's sheep. Men of this mold are gifts to the church from her Lord."
-Thabiti Anyabwile - "The Faithful Preacher"

Here's an update on our church search. The search has been completely covered in grace. We visited a new church in November and the Pastor, who was somewhat familiar with Brian's role in our church plant, immediately contacted us. He sought us out with concern, meeting with Brian to seek to understand the circumstances surrounding our departure. He has also been in contact with our former Pastor to have these truths confirmed. The leadership of this new church has taken great care to reach out to us and other families during this time of hurt and healing. This man has a heart for the Lord and a heart for the people he is shepherding. We have been missing that for a long time and we didn't even know it. I am overwhelmed when I think about how gracious God has been to us during this time. We are forever thankful!


Christina said...

Praise God! That is wonderful news.

Wendy said...

Great news!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Praise God!!