Saturday, July 05, 2008

Welcome to the Family!

Well, it was another kidney stone the other night! That's the fifth one so far. I was up all Wednesday night with the pain but I did have some painkillers which dulled the pain a little but not enough to really sleep. We went to the Dr on Thursday and they did an xray and he thought he saw something small, maybe about 2mm, and thought the best thing would be to take medicine as needed and drink plenty of fluids to help the stone pass.

I have found that the pain is the worst when the stone is moving from the kidneys to the bladder. That pain is like labor/contraction pain, but without the breaks. Once the stone moves to the bladder, the pain isn't as bad.

So I felt better pain-wise on Thursday night and Friday but the lack of sleep was quickly catching up. BUT on Friday night I finally passed that stone and it was HUGE! It was my biggest ever! Yes, I am a little proud - I mean, after all that pain, you got to get excited about something! It was over 5 mm. The one I had when I was pregnant with Ellerie was smaller than 1 mm and the largest I have had so fa was about 2 mm. Lucky for you, Brian has the camera at the fireworks tonight so I can't upload the picture for you...

But trust me, it was huge! So, the 'delivery' of the stone this week has worn me out! I'll try to catch up on posting next week!


5honeybunns said...

Bless your heart. I am so sorry to hear that. That is like the equivalent pain of having 9 kids!!!

April said...

Wow! Congratulations on the delivery. That's a big one. LOL. What did you name it? Goliath?

I am sorry you had to go thru that pain.