Thursday, June 19, 2008

Week in Pictures

Well, here is Little Miss Priss! She has already gotten into my purse and my lipstick. I will have to say that I am proud that she seems to have gotten most of it near her mouth!

This week we had our first real babysitter (that I paid - Brian's parents live in town so they help us out all the time)! Kim's oldest daughter, Hannah, came to watch Ellerie while I took the other 3 to the dentist. She was so good with Ellerie. She even left me this cute little paper (pictured above) that told me what they did while I was gone. AND she vaccuumed my playroom for me!

This was one of our gifts to Dad for Father's Day! Too fun!

Coleman's turn.

Calvin enjoys being 'thrown' down the slip-n-slide.

Emmie's a pro.

Don't leave Little Bit out of the action!

1 comment:

Kim said...

That's the kind of gift that just keeps on givin'!

Hannah enjoyed her first "job" so much! Thank you for giving her the opportunity ;)